Pooling a life's worth of passion & experience, Jennifer Madsen is delivering uniquely fresh ideas that are flooding the Earth.

Jennifer Madsen is an experienced and professional performer and instructor. Her talents are many and her enthusiasm and energy while teaching are inspiring.  Jennifer has a substantial career as a performing artist.  She has professional experience in film, television, on stage and in the recording studio.  Jennifer has worked professionally as a director, musical director, playwright, composer, arranger choreographer, performance coach as well as worked production in the film, television, theater and music industries.

Jennifer Madsen has fostered and trained the talents of many currently performing artists.  Her track record is convincing that under her guidance, clients and students can develop and reach their full potential and succeed in their aspirations.  Jennifer offers a multi-level approach for multiple performance disciplines.  Her training encompasses multiple disciplines including vocal techniques, vocal stylizing, performance technique, dance, movement for actors, auditioning techniques, acting tools and skills, playwriting, recording techniques, public speaking, acting improv as well as multiple music disciplines from arranging and composing, songwriting, and piano performance.